SAVVY - Noir Lusitanien 2017 1.60 cm RADIOGRAPHS

Annonce 674650 déposée par Pippa le 27 janvier 2022

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  • Type d'annonce : Cheval à vendre
  • Nom du cheval : Savvy
  • Race : Lusitanien
  • Robe : Noir
  • Sexe : Hongre
  • Niveau du cavalier : Tout niveau
  • Prix : 10 000 
  • Papiers : Oui
  • Année de naissance : 2017
  • Taille : 160.0 
  • Catégories d'équidé :
    • - Cheval ibérique
  • Disciplines :
    • - Dressage 
    • - Horsemenship 
    • - Balade/Promenade 
  • Services :
    • Visite vétérinaire
  • Localisation :

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Savvy (registered name is Negroni), is a five-year-old black Lusitano PSL gelding from 2017.

He has been at work since being imported from Portugal in April.

He is brave, kind and generous. He loves being a pet and being around people.

He has a very good walk, a good trot and a good canter. He started all the lateral work at a walk and a trot. It is excellent for hiking alone or in a group. He also knows how to let me open and close doors behind his back.

What makes him special is that he has a great willingness to learn. He likes to connect with himself and find the right answers to the rider's questions.

X-rays are available.

Origines de Savvy

Mère : Europa SUSPIRO  


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